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Budget-Friendly Updates for a Bathroom Remodel in Rockaway, NJ

February 2, 2021

Bathrooms are an often-overlooked area of the home for remodeling. We’re more inclined to tolerate poor lighting, insufficient storage, and outdated fixtures in a bathroom than kitchen or bedroom. In part, because we spend limited time in our bathrooms, and a bathroom remodel can seem like an expensive hassle. But when you work with an experienced Rockaway, NJ contractor, you can take advantage of budget-friendly updates for a bathroom remodel that isn’t an inconvenience.

Consider these top ten popular updates to old, outdated bathrooms.

1. Dual sinks for busy couples.

A simple transformation can take place at your current vanity and make it feel as though you have a brand new bathroom. For busy couples sharing a single bathroom, there’s a lot of choreography that goes into getting ready in the morning. By adding a second sink and mirror, your bathroom will feel twice as big without a complete renovation.

2. Bathtub surrounds for vintage appeal.

Sometimes only addressing the details of your bathroom can breathe new life into a tired space–bathtub surrounds give your bathroom a fresh vintage feel. With high-quality craftsmanship and design, you’ll add character and style to an otherwise bland room.

3. Reglaze an old clawfoot tub.

Before you resign yourself to the expense and hassle of replacing a chipped or worn-out clawfoot tub, consider reglazing it. You can even paint the exterior with a bold color choice to give your bathroom a contemporary style that includes your vintage clawfoot.

4. Accent wall with wallpaper or subway tiling.

Especially in small bathrooms, there’s no need for a new wall finish on every surface. Instead, consider a subway tile backsplash behind the vanity or wallpaper on an accent wall. It adds depth and drama to the bathroom while keeping costs low.

5. Wall-mounted cabinets.

One of the hardest things about bathroom remodels is balancing the need for storage without overcrowding a small space. Using wall-mounted cabinets, you add plenty of storage for linens and beauty products without an additional footprint on the floor. An experienced contractor can build custom storage to suit your needs and bathroom.

6. Install recessed lighting and curtain rods.

Moving things like lighting and curtain rods into the ceiling through recessed fixtures is one of the best ways to reduce clutter in a small bathroom without the expense of a lot of demolition.

7. Upgrade curtains and towel with cohesive styling.

Following a bathroom remodel on a budget, one of the most cost-effective things you can do to transform the space is upgrade your linens with color and style in mind. When you have cohesion through your curtain and towels, it gives your bathroom a polished, high-design appearance.

8.Install new countertops for your vanity or storage.

Rather than replacing an entire vanity, you can remove and replace the countertop. For older bathrooms with built-in vanities, a counter replacement is one of the best budget-friendly ways to transform the space.

9.Use accent tiling or two-tone paint.

Demolition for an entire tiled shower or floor takes time and money. Instead, add accent tiling so you can revitalize an outdated bathroom. Two-tone paint is perfect for a modestly sized bathroom where you want to use bold colors.

10. Repurposed vanities or storage units

Dedicated antiquers or thrift-store shoppers can find vintage furniture to transform into a budget-friendly and stylish vanity or linen cabinet. During your free Team Contractors consultation, they’ll listen to your vision for a bathroom remodel in Rockaway, NJ.

For a free quote for a bathroom remodel in Rockaway, NJ, get in touch with Team Contractors in Morris County.

Team Contractors performs both solar panel projects and home renovations throughout Morris County. We partner with our clients for budget-friendly bathroom remodels in Rockaway, NJ. Our three-step renovation process focuses on exceptional client satisfaction through clear communication and transparency.

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A bathroom remodel in Rockaway, NJ can make you fall in love with your home again.