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Trusted contractors in Rockaway, NJ.

Home Renovation Services
Team Contractors’ systematic and comprehensive proposition for any successful project completion includes three phases.
Phase One


The design process is crucial in tackling projects of all shapes and sizes. Our initial services include customer assessments and professional feedback that allow us to proceed with the project.

  • Our skilled team of contractors will assess your prorject goals and your home's suitability.
  • We'll then provide you with free estimates and recommendations.
  • After this, we'll start discussing the project, whether there are any limitations, and what we can do to make it work.

Phase Two


Approvals/Customers’ Consents

Team Contractors works alongside customers, their architects, engineers, and other interested parties to bring a project to life. By discussing our customers' plans with various people posessing different expertise, we're more likely to make the project a success.

Our company thrives on two notable principles: Commitment to our clients’ total satisfaction and the continuity of our reputation for 30 plus years of EXCELLENCE. As a business, customer satisfaction lies at the heart of everything we do.

Phase Three


Team Contractors, LLC focuses on both residential and commercial refurbishing plans.

Understanding our prospective customers’ needs, targeted goals, anddesired lifestyle changes are essential ingredients in making their home renovations a success.

Our team workers embark on this challenging stage by:

  • Obtaining architectural drawings
  • Filing permit applications
  • Consulting relevant engineers
  • Hiring our licensed carpenters, plumbers, and electricians

Build Smarter
Our strict adherence to building codes and regulations has earned us unparalleled customer reviews.

Substantial Reasons to select Team Contractors, LLC. We are renown for:

  • Accurate screening of qualified crews consisting of plumbers, carpenters, electricians, masons, etc.
  • Thorough concentration on our three phases of project development.
  • Free presentation of ample resources from top-notch manufacturers.
  • No hassle delivery of materials.
  • Customers’ testimonials and reference lists are constantly available.
  • Jobsite cleanliness on a daily basis.
  • Safety measures for both young and elderly family members plus their furry pets.

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