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Does solar panel installation damage your roof in Rockaway, NJ?

March 1, 2021

While it’s not always the case, solar panels are most often installed on the roof of homes to save space in the yard and maximize sun exposure. However, there are things that you need to account for when considering solar panel installation in Rockaway, NJ. At Team Contractors, we’ve created a list to help you plan for making the switch to solar energy.

What all goes into solar panel installation?

When considering solar panels for your home, understand the installation process. While there’s a lot of technical work that goes into wiring the solar modules, burying the conduit, connecting cables, and so and so forth, the part that many people worry about is what goes on on the roof. The panels need to be mounted.

Your roof rafters need to be strong enough to accommodate the weight of the panels and the workers who are putting them in place. This involved drilling holes into your roof to fasten the mounts into place. After the holes are drilled, they will be sealed to keep rainwater or snow from running into your roof and causing damage.

Does your roof need repairs?

It’s important to know the state of your roof prior to a solar panel installation in Rockaway, NJ. Our team can evaluate your roof to let you know if it’s strong enough for solar panels. If not, we can repair it for you and install the solar panels on your reinforced roof.

Is the shape of your roof good for solar panels?

Your roof is unique to the design of your home. While it might be similar to your neighbor’s home that has solar panels, it’s important to understand that your roof might not have the surface area or the proper shape to accommodate solar panels. If there’s not enough room for the proper number of panels, it likely won’t be worth the installation because you can’t get a significant enough return on your investment.

Which direction does your roof face?

In order to maximize sun exposure, you need to make sure that your panels are pointed toward the sun. In the United State, solar panels should face south. This allows your panels to have maximum exposure to the sun throughout the day be eliminating morning and evening shadows that your home might cast on your roof. If you have a tree or a neighbor to your south whose home might cast a shadow on your roof, there’s a possibility that these shadows could cut into the energy production of your panels.

Are solar panels bad for your roof?

In short, no, solar panels are not bad for your roof. However, the weight of the panels can exacerbate a problem that already exists. This means that you need to have any necessary repairs or a roof replacement completed before having them installed. Something to consider when weighing your options for solar panels is that solar panels themselves are stronger and more durable than traditional roofing materials. So, a new roof with solar panels mounted on it will withstand the elements and last longer than a traditional roof.

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Does solar panel installation damage your roof in Rockaway, NJ?