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Can You Do Your Own Solar Panel Installation in NJ?

May 4, 2021

So, you’ve decided it’s finally time your New Jersey home switched to solar for cleaner energy, savings, and the state and federal tax incentives that keep piling.

The question that arises, however, is whether you can do your own solar panel installation in NJ or hand it over to trained professionals.

And who better to answer that question than Team Contractors, NJ’s premier solar installers and home renovators?

Let’s look into it.

What’s involved in DIY solar panel installation?

It’s worth noting early that installing solar panels yourself requires at least intermediate home electrical wiring knowledge. You’re going to be adjusting much of the wiring in your home and installing new equipment.

Before that, however, there’s some technical know-how required too. First, you’re going to do clean energy research to discover your home’s needs. Installing solar equipment that doesn’t match your home’s energy usage is a very real risk. But once you know your average kWh usage, you can tell which systems will deliver enough energy.

It’s possible to get some of this information from your electric bills, but only with some in-depth calculation.

Next, you’re going to need to decide if you’re going with a grid or off-grid system. Depending on your choice, you might need more solar panels and a more capable storage system. For a grid-connected system, your local utility company will visit your home to perform an inspection.

State regulations require you to seek a permit before you install the equipment.

Installation of solar panel equipment

Prepare the roof for installation. Lay equipment flat and safely to avoid damage.

Some of the equipment you’d need to install includes:

  • Solar panels
  • Inverter
  • Charge controller
  • Disconnect switch

Even for someone experienced with carrying out projects in their home, the complexity of adding and modifying the electrical system makes this difficult.

And if you’re going to be on a roof for days on end, your safety is a priority. If you do go with this option, make sure to watch your step and exercise care when moving around your roof.

The alternative: professional solar panel installation in NJ

Another way to go is to work with professional solar panel installers.

Some benefits to working with experienced professionals include:

Access to expert guidance

As you now know, installing your own solar equipment starts with a lot of planning. Professional solar panel installers know what to consider for a solar energy system that meets your home’s needs.

And you can skip seeking permits from your local municipality company or scheduling an inspection with your utility company. That’s all handled for you.

Help with picking the right panels and equipment

Professional solar installers help you with deciding on a solar manufacturer that offers the best value, reliability, and match for your needs. Using their experience, they can advise on panels, inverters, and charge controllers that suit your home and its wiring.

A quicker and sturdier installation

Much of the efficiency of solar panels lies in the quality of the installation. This, again, is something professional installers understand. They possess the attention to detail needed to fit panels securely and for maximum sunlight exposure, plus ensure the quality wiring that encourages the best performance.

What’s more, your panels are fastened securely and with enough durability to keep them there, producing electricity for your home, for decades.

Get professional solar panel installation in NJ from Team Contractors

If you want the solar panels that best fit your home and your energy usage installed for maximum efficiency, professional installers can help. Team Contractors is a Morris County-based home improvement service with qualified and experienced solar panel installers ready to start working with you today. Call us now at 973-453-2537 or send a message through our contact form.

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