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Top 5 Tips for Bathroom Remodels

April 21, 2020

There is some truth to the old adage about kitchens and bathrooms selling houses. A modest bathroom remodel costs, on average, $20,000. Homeowners will get an estimated 70 percent return on their investment depending on the current real estate market. Here in New Jersey, the return on investment is closer to 60 percent.

Increasing your home’s resale value isn’t the only reason to invest in freshening up the bathroom. Doing so can add enjoyment and improve functionality for current homeowners.

Benefits of a Bathroom Remodel

In addition to increasing your home’s value, there are other reasons to renovate the bath.

  • Improve energy efficiency by upgrading to energy-saving products like toilets, showerheads, and light fixtures. Investing now will save money over the long term in water and energy bills.
  • Increase storage space, especially in older homes with small bathrooms. Adjustments in layout can help achieve more functional space without going to the expense of knocking out walls and expanding square footage.
  • Correcting and preventing damage. Mold, mildew, rot, and decay can affect even the best-built bathrooms. It’s best to address issues before they cause damage that requires major renovations.

Bathroom Remodel Tips

There are a number of steps homeowners can take to ensure their project is a success. Team Contractors doesn’t just view your bathroom remodel as a source of work. We want to inspire change and improve your bathroom’s functionality and comfort. Following these steps will help.

  1. Define your design.
    While it might seem counterproductive to define your redesign expectations before setting a budget, the two go hand in hand. By first choosing how you want your bathroom remodel to look, we can help price out the upgrades to give homeowners an idea of the overall expense.
  2. Set a budget.
    Any remodel can get out of hand – and over budget – if not well planned. Once homeowners envision how they want the remodel to look, it’s important to be realistic about their budget. Some plans may need to be scaled down to fit the budget. Our construction experts can help.
  3. Leave the plumbing.
    Moving plumbing around during a bathroom remodel is a guaranteed way to jack up the overall cost. HGTV estimates the average cost to move just the bathtub is $5,000. If space is an issue, converting tubs to showers and making use of corner sinks is a great way to improve the functionality of small spaces without rearranging the location of plumbing.
  4. Consider waterproof flooring.
    Bathrooms are humid, wet places. One of the things we suggest for maximizing your budget and return on investment is waterproof flooring. Vinyl, tile, and stone are the best materials.
  5. Leave vintage finishes.
    If you live in an older home and have lots of vintage finishes in your bathroom, consider keeping them during the remodel. While this may seem counterintuitive to freshening up your bathroom’s look and feel, vintage features are in high demand in some markets. Some of the most sought-after vintage bathroom designs include checkerboard flooring, clawfoot tubs, vintage hardware, and vintage washstands. If your bathroom has any of these features, we can work with you to find ways to preserve them while optimizing available space to create a mix of old and new.

Investigating Options

We at Team Contractors have made it our mission to provide accessible, caring, and affordable home improvement services to residents in the Rockway, NJ area. Our goal is to make home renovations possible for every homeowner, even those who are on a tight budget. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with your remodeling project.